A Letter to a Single Mother

Dear single mother, 
As you face the everyday struggles of being single, life can be a difficult battle to fight and too blurry for you to see whether you are gaining ground or not. So, as a daughter of a single mother, I want to let you know that, what you do is important.

This is so because of what I have been through. My beloved father died when I was still very young, a thing which left my mother with the responsibility of raising me and my siblings. This is a period where mum raised four kids, as a single parent, forcing her to work hard in an effort of settling our bills and school fees, both in laughter and tears.

Growing up to be who I am today, it is by the grace of God and through the influence of my mum. I never fully understood everything she did or why it mattered most. But as I look back, there are few things she did:

She prayed for me;
I always knew that mum was a wonderful and thoughtful person, but as I was growing up, I realized she wasn’t just thinking or worrying about the future, she was always talking to God, every day through prayer. She prayed for my wellbeing and asked God for help. I can’t remember a time when she would have complained in public about her situation. I don’t even think she knows how to complain in public, because when things were hard for us, she just prayed while telling me everything will be well, but little did I know that she was teaching me the same. “As a single mother, you have tremendous influence in your child’s life, but your child needs other influences”

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She taught me to always put my trust in God. We both knew that life was hard, our family needed a rock to hold on to, when difficult times arose. And God was just that rock. While I thought why dad had to die, I never wondered what it was like to be fatherless, because she played both roles of a father and mother. She always used to tell me God will never leave you nor forsake you. He has a plan for everyone, there’s nothing that can change that. She is one person who got me into reading the Bible and pray every day. I used to have faith in God when things were out of place and hoped everything will be okay.

In your embrace and laughter, I will always find the strength and warmth that I so often cannot find within myself. In darkness, you always know to say the Bible says “we are the light of the world”, for you are the light that shines and pulls me forward, which reminds me that tomorrow is another day and another adventure.

Thank you for all the things you have done and continue to do every single day. For staying up with us listening attentively to all our problems or when we needed to talk to you, your hugs felt like home. But most importantly thank you for being you.