Chef 187 Distribution Agreement Gives Birth to Bon Appetit Deluxe

Chef 187 has signed a music Distribution Agreement with TalkTime Multimedia Corporation (TMC) on his 2019 Bon Appetit Album. As a result, the deal gives birth to Bon Appetit Deluxe album version.

Bon Appetit stands as Chef 187’s fourth studio album released towards the end of 2019. In it’s first week, the album had a massive music industry acclaim. Mainly, for it’s versatile style and hard rap feel.

The album featured 23 tracks which includes hits such as; “Coordinate” featuring Skales and Do2dtun, “Sensei” and “Nimpopoka” featuring Bow Chase.

The agreement between Chef 187 and TMC gives TMC the rights for Bon Appetit album redistribution.

The Bon Appetit album Deluxe edition will feature extra content related to the album. Including all new official music videos for the deluxe edition; to be released under Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd.


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