Easy How To: Create Killer Exit Popups for WooCommerce

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Did you know that you can increase sales on your Woocommerce store with popups? Adding Exit popups in your sales funnel for your Woocommerce online store, is a simple strategy you can use to realize higher revenues.

So in this post, we’ll explain why exit popups are important. Explain how to install and use exit popups strategy in Woocommerce for increased revenue generation. And provide you an easy to use suggestion if you’re new to popups. But, firstly;

Why Exit Popups and Why Should You Use Them?

Exit popups make it easy for you to capture customers at the exit point or possibly cart abandonment. Drawing their attention to a product or promotion on your store.

It’s a perfect tool to get them through your sales journey at the last minute with an irresistible promotion or popup deal, than waiting for them to hopefully make a purchase.

When you combine lightbox popups with browser Exit-Intent technology. No doubt, you are sure to grow conversions by offering your customers some kind of deal to keep them a little longer on your store.

But at this point you might ask yourself, what’s the best tool to build your exit popups? Well, ever heard of OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is the number one leads generation WordPress plugin, it also has full integration with Bigcommerce and Shopify.

It gives you an array of tools for increased sales, effective targeted campaigns, including growing your email lists.

With OptinMonster you get value for money with your Woocommerce, Shopify or BigCommerce store. Now, let’s see how well you can utilize OptinMonster to create Popups.

How to Create Exit Popups in WordPress

  1. Creating the Exit Popup Campaign

OptinMonster is a premium service, so you’ll need to have a Pro level OptinMonster account (or higher) to get started. Download the free OptinMonster here.

If you already have an account, login to your OptinMonster Campaign dashboard section. And hit Create Campaign.

On the next screen, go ahead and choose Popup as your campaign type.

Next select a template from one of OptinMonster’s 50 plus pre-built templates. Such as the Shopping and Checkout templates that work well on all devices.

Name your campaign, then press Start Building.

And then, assign the website to display the campaign on.

2. Editing the Exit Campaign

After naming your campaign. Go on and start ending your campaign. Clicking on any element in the preview, to modify things such as the images, color, headline and body text. Or add extra blocks like a secondary button using simple drag and drop.

3. Set Up Campaign Success Page & Promotion

Go to the Success view section to set up promotion or coupon delivery. You can either give users instant access to the coupon or have it delivered into their email.

At this point you can as well edit the campaign button.

4. Choose Display Rules

Since we’re creating an exit popup, our goal is to retain users when they want to exit the page. So the best display rule to choose is Exit-Intent together with a condition of If exit detected.

5. Publish the Campaign In WordPress

In the Publish tab, change the Status of your Exit popup from Paused to Live and save your campaign:

And you are done with your Exit popup campaign that will help you:

  • Run Sales or Promotions
  • Grow your conversions and email list
  • Reducing Cart Abandonment
  • Retain customers trying to leave your site etc

I hope this article helped you get started with Exit Popups for Woocommerce that will help you in Reducing Cart Abandonment, upseling products for increased sales. 

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