How to Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in WooCommerce

Do you want to increase your store traffic and eventually generate more revenue? When doing your site SEO optimization. It is important to tweak the normal Google Analytics tracking code on your site. Than leaving it with default settings. You can get more useful information with enhanced e-commerce tracking.

When implemented, Enhanced eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics. It gives you detailed information into your store traffic. Which makes store optimization, and tracking customer behavior easier.

So, without wasting much time, let us see how to enable WooCommerce Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce.

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What is Ehanced eCommerce Tracking

Before we go into more details on how to implement it, let’s take a look at what Enhanced eCommerce tracking actually means in Google Analytics.

Enhanced eCommerce tracking is simply an optional feature in Google Analytics that gives you more detailed data about the shopping behavior of your customers than traditional eCommerce tracking. It takes the mystery out of what’s happening in your online store. Where do shoppers drop out in the checkout process? Which product lists work and which don’t?

How to Setup Enhanced e-Commerce Tracking for WooCommerce

Follow these simple three steps and you will be well up and running with Enhanced Tracking.

WooCommerce, is compatible with Google Analytics by default. But enhanced e-commerce tracking enables you to customize the tracked data for more specific metrics.

Step 1: Install MonsterInsights and the eCommerce Addon

First things first, you need to have a WordPress, Woocommerce and Monsterinsights plugin installation which is already integrated with Google Analytics.

MonsterInsights, is the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin. It enables you to set up Google Analytics on your site without any coding. And provides detailed reports on your WordPress dashboard.

Note: an Ecommerce Monsterinsights Add-on is needed for Enhanced Tracking Setup. To activate the addon, go to Insights » Addons and then navigate to eCommerce.

Monsterinsights eCommerce Add-on.

Once the addon is active, head over to your Google Analytics account.

Step 2: Activate Enhanced eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

In your Google Analytics Dashboard select the website property you’d like to activate Enhanced eCommerce tracking for. Then, click on Admin tab in the left taskbar. You will then see Ecommerce Settings under the column on the right. Click on it.

Next, click the On/Off options under Status and Enable Related Products, to turn it from off to on. Then click the Next Step button.

Under Enhanced Ecommerce Settings, click the slider to turn it from off to on and then, click the Submit button.

That’s all we need to do here for now, so let’s head back to WordPress.

Step 3: Enable Enhanced eCommerce in MonsterInsights

In your WordPress dashboard. Go to Monsterinsights click Insights » Settings and then select eCommerce from the top menu. Now enable the option: Use Enhanced eCommerce.

The addon will then automatically start tracking your WooCommerce store. The tracked data will help you make decisions based on it for easy optimization and business growth.

You can view the eCommerce reports by going to Insights, then Reports, and selecting eCommerce from the menu.

You will then see an overview of your store stats about conversion rate, transactions, revenue, and average order value. Other reports includes, Total Add to Carts and Total Removed from Cart. You can as well change the date range to your preference.

Go on and explore how much you can archive with help of Enhanced eCommerce Tracking with Monsterinsights Reports. We hope this Article helped you learn something valuable.


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