How To Boost Conversions Like Crazy With Announcement Bars in WooCommerce

Getting your amazing store deals in front of your customers in a split second. Is the most important simple store optimization that can significantly boost your sales.

So, do you want to add a free shipping Announcement bar to your Woocommerce store that motivates repeated purchases?

Well, from an eCommerce standpoint. Free shipping is a proven way of turning unwilling or engaged shoppers into repeat paying customers. Which helps you stay ahead of your competition, by just implementing a seamless floating Announcement bar at the top of your store.

Now, you might be asking yourself. “How do I do it or what’s the best solution for my Woocommerce store? ” Stay with me, as I am going to show you how to do it the easy way with no coding skills.

What Is a Free Shipping Announcement Bar in Woocommerce?

An announcement bar for Free Shipping, is simply a graphical banner or text notification that sits above the footer or header of your store pages. For purpose of showcasing helpful information, such as:

  • New Sale Product
  • Store hours
  • Special promotional offer

The easiest user friendly method to go by. Is by using Optinmonster Woocommerce Plugin.

Optinmonster, is owned by the fox behind the popular Google Analytics plugin Monsterinsights. It is the most effective Notification Bar WordPress plugin. As compared to many other WordPress notification bar plugins.

It comes with many features for easy campaign customizations that saves you time. With targeting options that gives you the freedom to place the campaign’s around the site.

What are Key Benefits of Optinmonster Announcement Bars in Woocommerce?

  • Makes it easy to Notify your store visitors about product deals, shipping, company changes and minor notices.
  • Creation of sales urgency with a countdown timer
  • Building and Growing your email list
  • Providing emergency or time-sensitive alert messages.

Now that we are clear on the in and out. Let’s see how best we can utilize this awesome eCommerce Woocommerce WordPress Plugin.

How to Create Store Announcement Bars in Woocommerce using Optinmonster

The First thing you have to do is, log into your OptinMonster account:

If you don’t have an account with Optinmonster. Join Optinmonster Here!

Next, select the campaign type from the list shown below. This is totally up to your preferences and campaign requirements. For the notification bar we will go with Floating Bar:

Optinmonster has over 50 pre-built templates to choose from for literally all devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile.

So go ahead and choose your template like the Alert template which can be customized to fit many different scenarios:

Before you can start customization, name your campaign, connect it with your WooCommerce website, and click Start Building:

Tweak the campaign to your liking by clicking on the part of your campaign that you want to edit. This could be the main message, colors and more.

Note: by default, the notification bar will appear in the store footer, but you can bring it up to the header. By simply going to home menu of your editor and click Floating Settings:

Then activate the toggle switch to Load Floating Bar at Top of Page:

Announcement Bar Display Options:

For your display options, go and click on Display Rules within the editor:

In the Display Rules section you can configure your WooCommerce Announcements or campaign to display either for Site-Wide Notifications or for just Specific Pages as per campaign need.

Little announcement bars make a big impact for online stores by reducing cart abandonment and thus, inturn increased conversion rates.

So dig-in and start building the Announcement Bars for your store with Optinmonster. We hope this article of where to start from in your business.


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