How to Boost Conversions Like Crazy with Multi-Step Popups

Are you looking for ways to Boost Conversions? When used properly, a Popup Form can bring multiple benefits to a business. It is a simple but powerful attention grabbing form, that keeps your audience in the know and draws in much needed engagement.

But how can you make them work best for both you and your audience? Well, if I may guess right, you are probably thinking about the traditional method of one-page optin forms. That simply require users to either enter their email or not right there and then.

But there is a better way to utilize the power of popups. The method is “multi-step popup”. This type of popup gets users to take action and makes it easy for you to quickly expand your website conversions.

So in this article, you’re going to learn how to create a nice multi step pop-up using to easy methods to boost conversions like crazy.

Why Should You Use Multi-step Popups to boost conversions?

Multi-step Popups may seem like they can hurt your conversions at first. But, psychologically speaking, people are more likely to finish the processes they’ve started.

Multi-step Popups makes the optin journey less intimidating to your visitors. It allows users to start the optin process with just a single click before showing them your actual call to action. This increases your chances of getting more quality conversions, than requesting users to immediately hand over their contact details.

How to Create Multi-step Popups in WordPress with OptinMonster

To start using multi-step popups to increase conversions, you need to consider two methods:

  • MonsterLinks
  • Yes/No popup campaigns

To re-create this type of popup, you’ll need to have the OptinMonster WordPress plugin and an OptinMonster account (check OptinMonster pricing). 

OptinMonster Home Page.

With OptinMonster you get more effortless ways to boost conversions. It comes with a risk free 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you have everything setup. Let’s get our conversations popping up…

Method 1: MonsterLinks to boost conversions

MonsterLink™, is an embeddable link that you can add to any text or button and shows your popup campaign when clicked.

Step 1: Creating the Popup

First thing, head over into your OptinMonster dashboard. In the top right corner, click Create New Campaign. On the next screen follow the steps below.

OptinMonster Dashboard.
  • Select Popup as your campaign type.
  • Next, select a template for your campaign from the over 50 pre-build OptinMonster templates.

While still on the template stage, make sure to familiarize yourself with functions like the filter. To easily filter your templates depending on the goal of your multi-step popup: Goals like, Grow Email List, Target Abandoning Visitors etc.

If you like flexibility, you can create the popup form using your canvas. The canvas template allows you to create a pop up from scratch with drag and drop.

To avoid a mix up later on, name your popup, and assign it to your website, then select Start Building.

Step 2: Designing the Popup

Optinmonster makes it easy to modify any part of the multi-step popup campaign. The campaigns are broken down into different “blocks.” In the editor, just click on any block to customize it to your liking.

To add a new block, Just click the + Add Block at the top of your editing menu:

In the left-hand side menu, you are given different block options for your multi-step popup. Which can be added with a simple drag and drop. These blocks include,

  • Button
  • Countdown Timer
  • Image
  • Video

And more.

Depending on your campaign goal, you can either modify the success page or not. For example, if redirecting users to another URL, then there is no need to display your Success page. And that’s it, you are done with your MonsterLinks.

Step 3: Add Your MonsterLink™

As earlier stated, MonsterLinks work in a simple way by showing your popup when a user clicks on your MonsterLink. Follow these steps to implement them;

  • At the top of your editor, click Display Rules.
  • Look for MonsterLink™ (On Click).
  • Now click Copy MonsterLink™ Code.

Once you copy the whole HTML code or just the link, you can embed it wherever you would like. Now Save and Publish your campaign.

Onto the second method for creating a multi-step campaign.

Method 2: Yes or Now Campaign

A Yes/No campaign gives users a simple “yes or no” question. Instead of asking them to take action right away. If they click Yes, they’ll either get redirected to another URL or taken to your optin form.

Step 1: Creating the Multi-Step Popup

Create the form using the following steps just like we did when creating the MonsterLinks popup earlier.

  • Create a new campaign in your dashboard
  • Select Popup as your campaign type
  • Choose one of OptinMonster’s 50+ pre-built templates
  • Name your campaign and assign it to your website
  • Click Start Building

Step 2: Add the Yes/No Button

  • At the top of your editor, click the Yes/No option.
  • Then click Enable Yes/No for This Campaign.

You will then see a new page in your popup campaign:

Yes or No Campaign Creation.

Depending on your preference. Ensure to select the right Action for your Yes and No buttons. These action options, include:

  • Go to a view (the Optin or Success page)
  • Redirect to a URL
  • Click to call

Go ahead and modify the appearance of the following to your liking:

  • Yes button
  • No button
  • Block

Step 3: Campaign Display Rules Settings

At the top of your editor, click Display Rules:

Depending on the campaign Goal. Change the display rules from the default time on page condition. The other rules are:

  • Exit-Intent – displays the popup when user wants to exit the page.
  • Page Targeting – shows when a user is on a specific page.

And many more options to choose from. Including the device type to display on. Note: OptinMonster brings the Exit-Intent feature to mobile which was limited to Desktops.

If satisfied with your display rules. Save and Publish your new campaign. Hooray!!! You are done…

We hope this article helped you decide on what might work best for your business. And make sure to have your visitors in mind when creating the Multi-step Popups to boost conversions.


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