How to Disable Annoying Ads, Remove Instant Apps from Tecno Phone

Tired of intrusive Tecno smartphone ads? Don’t worry, it is pretty easy to disable annoying ads and remove instant apps from Tecno phones. Such as the Spark 4 and Phantom 8 models.

So, in this article I’m going to show you how to easily remove ads. And disable instant apps step by step.

TECNO Smartphone Ads problem

Well, just like me, I guess you were also excited on having your new Tecno smartphone. With all that large screen, top-notch specs and everything to boast about, yet so affordable.

But however, even with their affordability catch. By default, most TECNO devices like the Spark 4 series and Phantom 8. Come loaded with advertisements and other annoying instant apps.

There are two (2) types and three (3) display positions of these ads;

  1. Above favorite apps: although most them are Instant apps or games. introduced by Google to Android for use without installation. TECNO is also sneaking in ads on its smartphones.
Instant Apps on Tecno Spark 4

2. Within favorite apps: the second type of these ads, are found right among your favorite apps. Which tend to expand and displace other app icons from time to time.

Tecno Spark 4 expanded ad

3. Apps bottom Screen: lastly, the most persistent and annoying ads. These are mostly recommended games. But among them you would certainly spot other ad types.

Tecno Spark 4 bottom ads

Bonus: The Zero Screen, you probably hate it too. That annoying left most screen. Containing all the news headlines, recent apps and more ads down below.

Tecno Spark 4 desktop zero screen

Overtime, when left unchecked, these ad features take a huge toll on your phone’s battery life, including internet data.

Disable Ads and Instant-Apps on Tecno Spark 4

For this demonstration we are going to remove instant apps from TECNO Spark 4. But keep in mind, the advertisement problem is not only on the Spark 4 series. Which is why you are here, right.

This is as a result of an update to the HiOS launcher, launched back in 2016. It acts as the Android OS on most TECNO smartphones.

So, make sure to follow these simple steps to disable ads even on none Tecno Spark models running on HiOS:

The first thing to do is;

  1. Open home screen popup menu

    On your home screen, long press on any space below the bottom icons for about 2 seconds and release when a menu pops up. tap home screen

  2. Go to desktop settings

    Click on the Desktop Settings on the right of the popup on the desktop menu

  3. Go to Other Settings

    On the Desktop Settings tab, Scroll down and click Other Settings. Scroll Down and Tap Other Settings

  4. Disable Instant Applications and Ads

    To disable your HiOS instant apps, ads, search bar and the zero screen. Just toggle off the following to Grey, if any of them is Blue or is switched to the right side:

    1. Zero Screen
    2. Application Recommendation
    3. Instant apps
    4. Instant app reminder
    5. Search Instant app
    6. Others include; Search bar, Recently Uninstalled and Hot SearchesHiOS other settings

And that’s it, you did it. The annoying ads and apps are gone now. But, go back and check if they are no longer showing.

I hope this article was helpful to you in resolving those intrusive ads. Make sure to share with family and friends. And don’t forget to comment below if you have further questions.



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