How to Easily Create Awesome Exit Intent Popups that Drive Sales

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Do you want to prevent visitors from abandoning your website completely? Is that a YES!? Then familiarize yourself with the Exit Intent popups technology.

Exit-intent is a tried, tested and powerful strategy for growing email lists or conversions. This is a sure way with which you can generate more sales and capture valuable leads at the victor’s exit-point.

So in this article, we’re going to look at how to create a responsive exit-intent campaign using OptinMonster. Plus, a few recommended exit intent strategies.

But first…

How Exit Intent Popups Work

On desktop browsers, OptinMonster’s exit intent system, basically tracks a visitor’s cursor movements across the site page. Then once the cursor goes above the page boundary, towards the tab area. A JavaScript snippet which measures the position of the mouse, triggers the exit event such as a popup form or spin to win wheel.

And on mobile devices, OptinMonster’s exit intent relies on two behavioral triggers. They simply indicate when a visitor is about to leave the page, these are: a quick up-scroll or clicking the back button.

Best Exit Intent Strategies

A solid Exit Intent strategy gives you additional conversion rates by turning site visitors into customers using coupon popups. There by cutting down on cart abandonments.

Here are some of the best exit-intent strategies you can set up in OptinMonster:

  • Free product trial sign up
  • Offer or discount coupon codes
  • Sale countdown timer
  • Free ebook download
  • Signup for your webinar

How to Create Mobile Exit Popup

Unlike on a desktop, the exit-intent technology works differently on mobile devices. That’s why most exit intent tools only offer the desktop version.

But luck enough, we’ll use OptinMonster to quickly create our exit popup.

Overall, OptinMonster ranks as the best tool for creating exit popups. With advanced targeting features. And over 50+ templates which can be customized with it’s drag and drop form builder.

So, before, we start creating the exit popup campaign, make sure to sign up to one of OptinMonster’s plans.

1. Create a Campaign

If you have your account setup. Signin to your OptinMonster account, then press the green Create Campaign button.

On the next screen choose Popup as your campaign type.

Next, choose a campaign template from the more than 50 plus professional templates. We will use the Magnet template for this tutorial.

Lastly before customization, name and add the website where you plan to use the campaign.

Next, press Start Building to create the campaign in the OptinMonster campaign builder.

2. Customize Your Campaign

To redesign or customize your exit popup. You can simply click any element on the campaign to edit it.

Click Add Blocks at the top of the editor if you want to add elements to your popup, like HTML, images, text, video etc.

After that, drag and drop the block into place on your popup.

3. Add Display Rules

To control your campaign display rules, click on Display Rules at the top of the editor.

Here you can change the default display rules to create an exit popup by selecting Exit Intent®.

Next, choose whether to display your popup on all devices, mobile only or desktop.

You can further add another targeting rule to the exit popup.

4. Publish the Exit-Intent Popup

By default all, newly created campaigns are Paused. To activate it, click on the Publish tab from the top menu, you’ll then see the Publish Options.

Then, click Publish.

And that’s it.

Exit intent marketing works and can be used to boost conversions like crazy. I hope you enjoyed this article. But, if you have any questions, remember to leave a comment.


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