How to Quickly Export WordPress Analytics with Google Analytics

Do you want to export Google Analytics data? Just imagine yourself, being forced to share your Google Analytics credentials for others to view your Analytics Reports. Would you be comfortable with that? Of course not.

So, wouldn’t it be great sharing Analytics Data without exposing access to your account?

Today I am going to talk about the value of Exporting Analytics Data, and ultimately show you how you can still and easily share the data with your team, customers, clients and team members. Without granting them unnecessary permission to your account.

Importance of Sharing Your Google Analytics Reports

  • Team members or clients in your organization may want to view your Google Analytics directly. For possible decision making and website performance monitoring.
  • Keeping your clients updated on their website performance using Google Analytics. Makes them feel empowered and in control.
  • It enables you to attract new clients or partners by sharing stats showing them people who are using your products and your achievements with them.

The reports can be shared with them by granting access to their Google Account as well as additional analytics reporting tools.

Keep in mind, granting permission to your Google Analytics is not recommended or safe. But, there are tools and ways you can use to safely share your reports with others.

In WordPress you can achieve this in three ways. By using a WordPress analytics plugin like MonsterInsights, Granting direct Access or Directly Exporting reports within Google Analytics. So, let’s go ahead and see how to do it.

How to Export Google Analytics Data with MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights, is simply the best WordPress Analytics plugin. The plugin allows you to easily share your reports without having to grant anyone access to your Analytics account. Click here to learn more about MonsterInsights. So now, here’s how to get your reports using MonsterInsights.

1. Weekly Website Stats with Email Summaries

MonsterInsights, gives you an option for Email Summaries. You can get important stats of your website delivered straight into your inbox.

To view the reports, go into your WordPress dashboard and then navigate to Insights » Settings » Advanced. Next, scroll to Email Summaries.

Make sure to customize the header with your own brand logo. And you can add up to 5 email addresses that you want to send the email summaries to. You can as well send out test emails from here.

2. Export Your Google Analytics Reports as PDFs

Although you can directly export reports in your Google Analytics account. MonsterInsights, makes it easy to download any report as a PDF file.

The Export PDF Report option, eliminates the need to use the print preview mode to download your MonsterInsights reports. Which would normally take you ages trying to fix the formatting.

3. Grant Users Permission to View Google Analytics Report

You can as well grant users access to your Google Analytics account, for them to view the reports. By only assigning Analytics Report permission to specific user roles right from your WordPress Dashboard.

In your admin menu, head over to Insights » Settings » Advanced and then navigate to Permissions. Here you can see which user roles can view reports, save settings, and view those roles excluded from tracking.

That was easy right? Well, did you know that exporting your data is a native function in Google Analytics, which is available in almost each report within analytics.

You can also grant users direct access to your analytics right within your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics allows you to share access at 3 levels:

  • Account level: For full access to all data in your account.
  • Property level: For full access to all data for 1 website.
  • View level: For access to limited data from 1 website.

I hope this article helped you learn a few ways to go about Exporting Google Analytics Data. Of course, with the help of Monsterinsights a powerful Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Make sure to check it out and learn more on what you can achieve with it.

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