How to Get Crazy Conversions with Coupon Popups

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Online stores usually have a small window in which to convert site visitors into loyal shoppers. Now, imagine what you can do with coupon popups. Getting yourself Crazy Conversions right?

Since coupons are a driving factor for online customer loyalty in e-commerce. Would you want to add coupon popups to capture customers at the right moment?

In this article, I’ll share with you how to add coupon popups to your WooCommerce store. Also how they can earn you crazy conversions.

Why use Coupons to Boost Sales?

A recent survey revealed that some of the reasons why people most often prefer shopping online is because:

  1. They are looking for exclusive deals and discounts
  2. It is easy to conveniently review and compare products from dozens of stores
  3. They can search for product reviews and
  4. Can compare prices and quality based on reviews

As you can see offering discounts to your visitors is a very powerful first step in your conversion strategies and marketing efforts.

Not only that, offering coupons or discounts has helped many small and large online stores in reducing cart abandonment for more sales.

How to Create Coupon Popups for Crazy Conversions

E-commerce solutions like woocommerce allows you to create coupon codes and discounts. But to implement coupon Popups you will need a popup plugin. And lucky enough, there are a lot of plugins and tools that you can use to create coupon Popups for your WordPress website.

But if not utilised well, the popups have the potential to annoy your customers, so it’s important to show discount popups at the right time to make users feel special. Which requires you to choose the perfect tool for the job.

And that’s where OptinMonster comes in. It is the best leads generation tool used on over 1 million websites for those crazy conversions.

With it’s advanced targeting features like Exit-intent, OptinMonster allows you to display coupon popups on specific pages, target specific devices, location, visitors, and at specific times.

OptinMonster features

  1. Coupon targeting by device
  2. Popups based on visitors’ activity or inactivity
  3. Reduces shopping cart abandonment via exit-intent® technology
  4. Geotargeting 

And one thing we can’t go without mentioning is, OptinMonster works on any content management systems including eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce, Shopify,  BigCommerce, and more.

Create a Coupon Popup with OptinMonster

In order for us to achieve our goal, we will be using OptinMonster to create the coupon popup in WordPress.

But first, ensure to visit the OptinMonster website to create an account. You can check OptinMonster price options.

When done with account creation, head over into your WordPress dashboard, then install and activate the free OptinMonster plugin. Which integrates your OptinMonster account and your WordPress site.

After activation, navigate to OptinMonster menu in your WordPress dashboard and connect your site with OptinMonster.

Create the Coupon Popup Campaign

From here all you have to do is, log into your OptinMonster dashboard then click Create Campaign:

Select a campaign type from popup, full screen, slide-in, floating bar and inline. For this tutorial, we’re using the Popup type:

Go on and pick a template for your popup from the more than 30 professionally-designed, flexible and fully customizable templates. Or design your own form in HTML, using OptinMonster’s Canvas technology to apply it.

So now for our goal, we can confidently choose the Coupon template which is perfect for the coupon popup. But you can still pick a different template if you prefer.

Click on the Coupon template and choose Use Template.

Next, name your campaign and choose the website you’ll use the popup on, and press the Start Building button:

Tweak Your Coupon Popup

This is basically an optional step, from here you can customize the design and especially the copy to your needs.

When you press Start Building, you’ll be taken into OptinMonster’s easy drag and drop form builder.

You can directly click on each element that you want to edit. For example click the headline to bring up the element editing tools on the left side. Then, type the new text in the text area.

To change the Background Overlay color around your popup, go to Optin Settings » Optin View Styles.

Here, you can change the Background Style between (solid or gradient) and the Background Color or add use an image.

To customize the submit button, click on it in the live preview to bring up the Editing Fields Element to edit your optin fields, button format and actions.

Coupon Code Delivery setup

Here is another part that you shouldn’t skip, simply decide how your customers will get their coupons after they press the submit button.

The recommended way is to deliver them immediately via the Success view and also send it by email. If you choose to deliver by email you need to enable your email service provider integration for this to happen automatically.

By default, the coupon popup uses the Success view on button click. You can double check this by clicking on the button and then clicking Button and Action. From here, you can either change the button action or leave it as it is.

Publish Your Popup Coupon

Save your changes and publish your campaign via the Publish tab which shows you publishing options, then toggle the status button to make it live.

Now, go to the OptinMonster section in your WordPress dashboard, then click Refresh optins to view names of your new campaigns, and it’s live status.

Display Rules setup

With display rules you can either welcome new visitors or say goodbye to leaving visitors or do both.

By default, your coupon popup appears after 5 seconds on page view. Which can be easily changed, by going to your campaign’s dashboard and click the Display Rules tab:

As mentioned by default, the popup uses time on page display rule, but Exit-Intent® is the most recommended when you want to capture leaving customers at just the right moment.

To use Exit-Intent, go to Display Rules dashboard and change the first setting option to exit detected:


That’s it! Hopefully, you gained some insight into how to make your coupon popup campaigns work for your business for crazy conversions using OptinMonster. You can try OptinMonster today.


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