How To Get Your Skrill Zambia Account Verified For Forex Trading

Most Forex platforms recommend Skrill, a widely used online Money Wallet. You can easily Deposit and Withdraw funds from forex trading platforms like FBS and FXTM. But it comes with limitations and is not available in some countries. Countries like Zambia to be specific, so how can you get your skrill zambia account verified?

Having your skrill zambia account verified, removes restrictions when depositing and withdrawing funds from your wallet.

Skrill has made the account identity verification easy by simply using the Skrill app. Which is available on both Android and iOS. Download the app from App Store here for quick Skrill Account verification.

Why Verify your account?

  • The limit for an unverified account is about €2500, which is quite low.
  • This limit won’t allow you to use the e-Wallet comfortably.

The Verification process involves only three steps:

  1. Identity verification
  2. Verification of your physical address
  3. Verification of account ownership

You can complete or pass the verification steps by using the following methods:

  • Via mobile app; (Fastest Method)
  • On your account page using a webcam
  • Uploading photos or scans of documents prepared in advance

How to Create & have your Skrill Zambia Account Verified

Keep in mind that, Zambia like many other countries is not officially supported by Skrill. But there is a work around to help you on lifting the account limits.

To get started, first create your Skrill account from here. If you are from Zambia ensure to choose Tanzania as your country.

When your account creation is complete and have started using your account to make transactions. The option to provide additional information for account verification will be visible. Get verified by simply uploading valid and unaltered scanned color copy or photo of one of the following documents:

  • Front and back of your national ID card/ driver’s license
  • The photo page of your passport

This will also include address verification and taking a selfie.

To start uploading copies of your identification documents. Log into your Skrill account, then head over into the Settings section of your account, and click on Verification.

Skrill Settings Section

In the drop-down, click on Very Now, this will take you to the Verify your Account page where all the remaining verification steps will be displayed.

For ID Verification You can choose to: 

  1. verify your account via your Facebook profile 
  2. or follow the standard verification flow

Have your Skrill Zambia account verified using Facebook

On the Verification page, Skrill allows you to quickly verify your identity using your Facebook profile. This option allows you to instantly complete the account ownership and address verification steps of the Skrill account verification process.

Further, you will be able to verify your identity by simply uploading your actual government issued ID.

Follow these steps to verify your identity via your Facebook profile:

  1. Within the Verify Your Account page, click on Verify with Facebook.
  2. Next, log into your Facebook account to continue.
  3. On the next step, you will need to consent to share your information by clicking on the blue Continue button.

Keep in mind that in order to successfully verify your identity via your Facebook profile, the name, date of birth, address and email address on the provided Facebook profile should match the ones registered into your Skrill account.

You will then receive a confirmation message once your verification is successful. And you will be prompted to continue with the next step, which is identity verification process.

By clicking on Continue, you will have the possibility to complete your Skrill account verification by uploading your ID document which is largely dependant on the country of residence.

Standard Skrill Account Verification

If you have chosen to verify your ID using the standard process. You will be presented with 2 options to complete the ID verification:

  1. Download Our Mobile App – this is the fastest option which uses your phone camera to take photos and upload them for verification. You can download the Skrill App here.
  2. Take and Upload Webcam Photos – this is a fast option as well which allows you to use your webcam to capture images or upload photos of the front and back of your ID, and then take a picture of your face.

When you click on Take and Upload Webcam Photos, you will be given the option to choose your document type and country of issuance.

Next, either upload copies of your documents or use your webcam to capture new images of your document, and then take a picture of your face.

Ensure to capture the front and back of your ID. Next, take a selfie of yourself.

After successfully uploading/using your webcam to submit your documents and taking a photo of your face, the Verify Your ID step will be IN REVIEW.

You will then receive a success message and you can continue to any remaining verification steps.                                                                                                        

Skrill Account Address Verification

If you have not yet, you will be prompted to share your browser location in order to Verify your address requirement.

Note: The geolocation option is available for selected countries only. In case the country is not supported, the address verification document can be manually uploaded.

When you are done with these steps, you will see a message that all documents are being reviewed. It takes about 1 – 2 business days for the account to be verified. Expect an Email on the verification status.

I hope you have learnt how to verify your Skrill Account for easier forex transactions and international money transfers.



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  1. Am in Zambia and you closed my account recently help me me open an account in Zambia and verify it easily.

  2. Is it possible for me to open an account in Zambia with Skrill

  3. Hello will the verification still work even if I’ve selected Tanzania but I have Zambian documentation

    • Yes, just make sure to use your NRC for identity verification and select Zambia as issuing country.

      For address verification link your facebook account first then follow further instructions if you are required to, it’s quicker that way.

      Note: Enter your actual Zambian address but just ignore the country.

  4. I used Botswana as my country but registered with my zambian mobile number.
    Can this still work?

  5. I selected Kenya but used my Zambian details, can it still work