How To Grow Email List With WordPress Content Locking

Are you stuck with great content, high reader engagement, but low email subscriptions? Looking for how to grow email list? If you are new to the term, Content locking is an important and unique way which helps successful publishers in growing email lists.

It enables publishers and bloggers like you to easily boost email subscribers or ravage lead generation by using your most demanded content on your site. Locked content encourages email signups, and most importantly, it lets you filter out less valuable subscribers.

So in this post, we will be covering the importance of implementing content locking, how much you can achieve and we’ll provide easy suggestions or tools for content locking implementation.

What is Content Locking and Why Does It Matter In WordPress?

Content Locking, is basically a technique that enables publishers to deny access to part of website content, articles, files or pages. This requires the user to do an action for full content access.

If used properly, this technique encourages more high-quality email subscriptions and leads. It gives you a guaranteed high revenue generation potential and conversions from your email marketing campaigns.

How To Grow Your Email List In WordPress

Content Locking or Gating, is an effective hassle-free way of acquiring new subscribers. Of course, as noted above, it relies on your most high-quality content that influences the reader into upgrading or subscribing to your email list.

But WordPress does not come with Content Gating as a core feature. This requires coding or simply using a plugin. There are several plugin options to choose from, these include Thriveleads, Social Locker, Opt-In Panda by OnePress and OptinMonster.

How To Add Content Locking Using OptinMonster

OptinMonster, is a powerful Premium marketing toolkit plugin for WordPress. It offers more creative options and forms. Coupled with better customer targeting options. More than you could ever get from any other WordPress plugin on the market. This is because, some of the plugins only offer content Locking, without the benefit of other valuable features like email marketing.

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One such option in OptinMonster is, the gated content feature or content locking. OptinMonster’s Content Locking feature simply blurs or removes potions of the content, for a visitor to first opt-in for full content access.

But keep in mind, if not used properly, this feature could either work against your lead generation and marketing efforts or vise-versa. So, avoid annoying your users at all costs.

OptinMonster’s content locking feature, is available on the Plus account or higher plans. These plans come with features like content locking, split testing etc. Follow these simple steps to add content locking;

Add Content Locking with OptinMonster

Steps 1: Login to your OptinMonster account.

Go ahead and create an after post / inline optin form type. Enter your Optin Campaign title and select your website from the drop down menu. Under the Optin tab, you need to turn on Content Blocking.

This will load templates in the right column which you can use as a starting point.

Step 2: In the Optin panel of the builder, configure the Content Blocking options for the optin campaign.

OptinMonster has two blocking methods which you can choose, these are:

Obfuscation – Blurs out the text below the optin (default).
Removal – Removes the text completely below the optin.

If you are happy with the results, simply embed it in your blog post or content area.

Note: you can use the embed code in combination with Insert Post Ads plugin. To automatically add OptinMonster content locking after specific paragraph in WordPress.

Dig in, start building your Optin Campaigns and implement them into the content with Optinmonster. We hope this article helped you with where to start from when growing your email list. Remember, when used properly, this technique gives you high-quality email subscriptions and leads.


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