How To Set Up Author Tracking in Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Do you manage a multi-author WordPress site? And are seeking for ways to track individual author performance in Google Analytics? The default configuration of Google Analytics, does not have author tracking. However, you can typically get around this by properly using custom settings.

In this article, we will carefully instruct you on how to set up author tracking on your WordPress site with google Analytics via custom dimensions. 

Install MonsterInsights On Your WordPress Site for Author Tracking in Google Analytics

As we mentioned above, by default, Analytics doesn’t track blog authors on your WordPress site. This requires further configuration to work.

If this seems to be a little technical, don’t panic at this point. MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics WordPress Plugin. As such, we recommend you to use it. This is one easier method you can use to add custom settings for author tracking.

 You can Install MonsterInsights manually or via the plugins menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

Note, MonsterInsights has a lite and pro version. So, for author tracking to work, you will need the pro version. Learn more on How to Install MonsterInsights here.

How to Set Up Author Tracking in Google Analytics

After you have installed and activated MonsterInsights Pro. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Insights >> Addons to install and activate the Dimensions addon.

At this point we will assume your MonsterInsights Plugin is already connected with Google Analytics. If not, checkout our Step by Step guide on how to configure MonsterInsights

How to Add Custom Dimensions in MonsterInsights

When MonsterInsights is configured, head over to the top section and click Tracking tab. From here, visit Custom Dimensions in the left-hand menu.

Custom Dimensions

On the page, click Add New Custom Dimensions. It will display a dropdown, and you will need to select Author as your custom dimension. Don’t forget to click the Save Button to save your settings.

Add New Custom Dimensions Select Author

How to Add Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

  • Login to Your Google Analytics Account

Login to your Google Analytics Account. Select Admin tab at the bottom in the left Navigation.

On the admin page you will be presented with three sections. In the first section on the left, select the account. In the middle section select the specific property or website that you want to work on and click on Custom Definitions.

Click Custom Dimensions

After clicking on Custom Definitions, a sub-menu will appear. Under the sub-menu column, you’ll need to click on Custom Dimensions.

Click Custom Dimensions
  • Creating Custom Dimensions for Your Authors

To create your Dimensions, click on the big red New Custom Dimensions button. When the form opens, name the new custom dimension Author.

Custom Reports

Leave the Scope dropdown as Hit and also leave the Active box checked. And don’t forget to click Create to save your settings.

  • Match Your Google Analytics Custom Dimension ID to MonsterInsights

Keep in mind, you will need to match the index number in Google Analytics with Custom Dimensions ID available in your WordPress MonsterInsights Settings.

You can find the index number for Author under the index column in Google Analytics. Take note of the index number ID as we will need it later on.

Author tracking Index Dimension ID

Go back to your WordPress site area and visit Insights >> Settings tab. Under the Tracking tab, go to Custom Dimensions on the left-hand menu.

From here, ensure the Custom Dimension ID is the same as the one in Google Analytics and leave it as is. If not, make sure to update the ID number in MonsterInsights to that of Google Analytics.

Custom Dimensions ID

Setting Up a Custom Report in Google Analytics

To create a custom report in your Google Analytics account, go to Customization >> Custom Reports in the main left navigation and select New Custom Report. Look for the Report Content fields and define the metric groups.

Give the report a Name according to your liking. You will need to add Author in the Dimensions Drilldown section and click save.

Your Custom Report will now display the traffic report from your Author Dimension that we made earlier. You can easily monitor the page views and bounce rates on your site according to blog authors.

Benefits of Author Tracking Using MonsterInsights

With author tracking you can discover the most popular author on your blog. See which author’s posts keep visitors on your site by analyzing bounce rates. Sort article page views by Author. And lastly, it allows you to get instant WordPress author stats for further site optimization.

We hope this article helped you in learning how to setup author tracking in Google Analytics using the MonsterInsights plugin.

You may also like to checkout HOW TO ENABLE FILE DOWNLOADS TRACKING ON YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE. Don’t forget to try the awesome features of the MonsterInsights plugin below.

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