Is YouTube Free and What are the best Features?

YouTube is a subsidiary streaming service owned by Google. Launched in 2005. From then, YouTube has grown explosively to being the world’s number one video streaming platform.

But is YouTube free? With over a billion regular users. The site enables people from anywhere around the world to share their videos with others.

From music videos, movie trailers, pet videos, amusing clips, live streaming, etc. So the possibilities on how you can utilize it are endless.

Although it is primarily a Video Site, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google Search. This simply entails that people around the world, are constantly uploading and frantically searching through thousands of worth videos.

Another reason is due to its easy UI. Additionally, YouTube is a free online video hosting and streaming service.

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YouTube Videos

Anyone can upload personal videos to YouTube about any subject. However, these are topics which must fall within Google’s content guidelines.

YouTube is a simple way for anyone to store and share videos with others. Some notable features include:

  • The uploaded videos can either be public or private
  • Users are able to switch between streaming quality
  • The user is able view, rate, report, comment and create playlists
  • The user is able to subscribe to other users
  • Easy sign-up, all one needs is a Gmail Email account. Sign-Up Here.

The service offers a bewildering variety of both user-generated and corporate video content. Unregistered users can merely watch.

While registered users are able to upload an unlimited number of videos. YouTube videos are easy to share in addition flexible to embed on other platforms and sites around the web.

Analytics & YouTube Channels

YouTube typically comes with a self-service analytics and reporting tool which can further be integrated with Google Analytics. The service provides reliable data about each video you upload. For an easy tracking of viewer source, video views, and the type of people watching it.

Registered users are able to create Personal or Business Channels. This brings together all the videos you distribute. It allows room in a way for personalizing the channels with a picture or logo, and cover image to your own taste.

Video Monetization

YouTube and its video creators reap revenue through advertising from Google Adsense Service. A program which targets site content and audience. Although the vast majority of videos are free to view, there are notable exceptions. Including Subscription Based-Premium channels, YouTube Premium & Music as well as Film Rentals.