Jimmy Kanzobya’s Resounding Echoes of Purpose

Jimmy Kanzobya, was born and grew up in Mongu Western Province, in a happy home and a loving family. He lost his father on 10th March 2003. That moment changed his perception of life. He grew up attached to his mother because, he had no one to look up to. He learnt manly abilities and ways of doing things from her. Today Jimmy, has a great perception and perspective of life because of the values his mother instilled in him. He attended secondary school at Kambule Technical Secondary School in Mongu.

Jimmy’s writing ability started when he was in secondary school where he served as the chairperson of ‘Kambule Writers Club’ and editor of ‘Knowledge is Power – school magazine’ for two years. The club used to publish one edition each term. It played all journalism roles by reporting on every activity that took place each term. And what triggered the move for this was the observation he made in English lessons like composition. During his secondary school days, few books were submitted for marking and Jimmy used to be the culprit too. But time came when he got tired of following other people especially his friends. He wanted a new path that would define the reason for his existence.

In the beginning it started small because he knew less about writing, so he kept seeking guidance from his friends, teachers, and mentors, Mr. Nawa Mwanamuke and Mr. Likolo (His Nephew) well known for his great passion in sciences, but he helped build the person Jimmy is today. These two people were the first ones who believed in his writings. The words they spoke to him were honest and life changing, they gave him reasons to seek his purpose.

Jimmy faced a lot of challenges in the beginning, but with time he understood exactly what he got into. “It’s about passion and cheer determination that can help you push further because I wanted to give up a number of times”, he said.

When asked of some people that inspired him as well as helped him to establish Himself,
He responded:
“My family, Mr Nawa Mwanamuke, Mr Likolo, Jeff Tembo, Noami Chileshe, Pastor Joshua Chulumanda, Misheck kashweka, Steven Kapamba, Chola, Violet Munsaka, the list is endless. “Every person we meet will either deposit something of great value in your life or you do the same”.

Jimmy’s biggest achievement was holding his book on the 6th July, 2016, he remembered returning home and found his staffs including his laptop which contained books, school and work documents stolen. He was confused, sad and frustrated. Jimmy gave up on writing till early last year when he met a girl who was raped by a close relative. She reminded him of the book content of silent pain, the book he lost. But he had to rewrite it again because she inspired him to break the silence of many girls and women today. Between last year to date. He has been writing, he is currently writing his fourth book.

He also received an award from his club patron few weeks before writing his final school examinations, after having served as the chairperson and editor of knowledge is power school magazine.

Jimmy’s happiest moment in the media fraternity was every moment he featured on radio and TV platforms to talk about his book, work and other topics to help youths have a great positive perception of life. He has featured on several television programs, workshops, seminars and writer’s festivals. He attended to help better Himself by learning from other people.

Contributions by Jimmy
He uses his radio programs to give writers, poets and other people a platform to talk about topics to help in promoting creative arts especially building the reading culture.

Apart from Silent Pain, Jimmy, is currently working on his fourth book ‘Dusk’ (Shadows of emotion) which will be his next release. “I will not mention the other two but they make up my collection of poems”, he said.

Dusk by Jimmy Kanzobya

Jimmy, is not only an author but, a poet, photographer, journalist, D.O.P, Editor, and motivational speaker, he is a radio presenter on Metro FM’s “Lifeline Talk Show with Jimm” and a Tv presenter on ZNBC Tv2’s “The Link” program. He also used to write for Sunday Mail Newspaper (young writers column) and currently writing for Times of Zambia Newspaper (feature stories and articles).

Authors are different people with different perceptive of life… That’s why they see and define things around them differently so Jimmy is just that guy, a guy who only wants to see a positive community. He also intends to support upcoming writers in whichever way one would need to be helped.

His vision and goal is to see a family, society and generation that has redefined its true value and worth God has placed on it because, this place feels so familiar with, within it are these lifeless walls, lies, silence beyond silent. “Some families are as graveyards… tombs they have become and many are buried alive at birth because, the true purpose of their birth and being alive is first stripped away your humanity because it has fractured your identity how then are you supposed to feel when everything you know is a lie. Wiped fingerprints by the words and touch of your role models, your truth ripped off by those you love and now your question every truth you know. All in all, we should embrace the value that God had place on us,” he unfolded.

When asked on what advice he can give to a youth trying to pursue their dream in Zambia?
He responded;
“You are your own life, you are your own thoughts, embrace the uniqueness of your voice take in or receive what is yours, don’t expect your voice, your journey or your process to mirror that of someone else’s. Don’t try to imitate someone else. Be authentic to who you are, begin to speak with your purpose filled voice. This is both in the literal and figurative sense-talk and don’t shrink beneath the voice of someone else because you think their voice is bigger or more powerful, when you begin to open your mouth, you will discover just how powerful yours is”.

Indeed he is an inspiration to young people. Even as a youth Jimmy, Kanzobya’s legacy will remain unchanged. He lives every moment with fulfilment and contentment because he is grateful for every blessing God has placed in his life, he is setting a great example for youths today.



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  1. I really love this novel silent pain it really helped me a lot the time I was at school. I read it a thousand times