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Royol – Day To Day Lyrics

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Royol – Day To Day Ft. Hyvarc

Im On A Grind On A Day To Day
Im On A Grind On A Day To Day
Getting Makwacha On A Day To Day
Getting Makwacha On A Day To Day

– Hyvaerc

brain dead like a cell to your madness
am running and am bawling coz am harder on the top shell
got balls in pants and the shyness
nobody on my side, they be killing for the holly grail

am a sicker rhyme slinger. call me metaphor stinger
holla to my middle finger, i got it on the trigger
renegade to the heaven gate like a sinner
looking back in the mirror it’s like i got better

these bz got me on the knees all day
i sneez on the beat, i do it my way
now it’s on i be raw on a roll to the most high
iller than a killer they be claiming to be realler

am the real deal on the chills. slow cum on her body tryna pay bills
all about the money or wedding and the wheels
never let it go living life on the pills on the hills
turn it up for ma crew in the club. i make it rain like i made it
schampaign gon’ pop

all about the game and the fame, got your girl in my bed getting head coz i
hold up when i roll down, pull up on ’em
like a ghost in a dream amma smash on ’em
keep it real
for the niggaz on the block yeah!!!

– Royol (Nash-828)

E’m Niccurs Been Hating Its None Of My Business
Am Doing My Cuz Am Keeping It Moving
I Blew Up By Mistake I Didnt Get Lucky
Praise Up To Le Most High

Say Hello To Le Tough Guy
Smell My Work When I Pass By (yeah)
Im All Way Up Niccur Its Time To Get Money
I Phone Up My Youngen It Time To Get Money

Hustle Ngu Mazuba Mazuba
I Pull In Le Morning Like Kasuba Kasuba
When I Gamble Dnt Catch Me On A Bad Day
Am My Doin Thing Niccur No Play
see Me In My Hood Better Make Way

Nobody Do It Better Than A Niccur Do
Now Look At You and Look At Me
Am Getting Bigger And Better And
Thought I’ll Remain Nash 828 Is My Name
The King Of Le East And Back In My Zone
Dem Niccurs Been Hating, Am Still At The Top

I Wake Up Everyday And Do My Stuff Niccur
Its One Of My Thing Its One Of My Sh**t
It’s In My Blood Niccur
I Grind All Day I Grind All Year
Am Getting More Bigger (uwaaah)Am Getting More Bigger.