Mother’s Day Special Message From B Flow

Mother’s Day which fell on the 12th of May, 2019 in Zambia, is a celebration honoring the birth mother of the family. Acknowledging their tireless efforts and critical roles in upliftment, as well as their considerable influence in our society. About 40+ countries around the world are known to honor this occasion on various days of March and May. Usually on the second Sunday of May in the case of Zambia.

Appreciating the significance of mothers. It remains one of the most successful days for sales of gift cards, greeting cards, flowers and the like. Social Media was as well awash with special and emotional messages for both surviving and late mothers. Giving an indication of the overwhelming popularity of this day in the Zambian Society today.

One notable special thank you Mother’s Day message was by Brian Bwembya AKA B Flow. A charitable multi-award winning Artist, Humanitarian and Goodwill Ambassador.

Mama you are the genesis of my story.

Indeed, life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother. Because you were the good manual that shaped my life and taught me what it really means to be a man. I will never stop saying thank you for instilling the best values in your children.

If ever I was to be given a chance to pick a mother, I would still choose you. Happy Mother’s Day to my later mother Mirriam Mulenga Mumba Byrne, late grandmother Matilda Chiti Byrne. My lovely aunt Theresa Mumba, my American mother Britta Bjornlund and to each and every mother reading.

The post quickly attracted some heartfelt comments from B Flow’s Facebook fans.


Alice Messah Jiks

“Each year I get heart broken simply because I can’t kiss or hug my mom. Wishing her a happy Mother’s Day. You are greatly yearned for. Woman, continue resting in peace.

Precious Chisale

We shall meet them in heaven. May your mum’s soul continue resting in peace. Hugs.

Mumbe C Rhodia

It makes me sad to see others posting about their moms. Mum may your soul continue resting in peace and will always love you. May your mom’s soul continue resting in peace (to B Flow).


This day clearly brings both joy and sadness. As people around the world solemnly celebrate their mother’s efforts and contribution in a family. Happy Mother’s Day to all the golden women.


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