Mumba Yachi Granted Zambian Citizenship

The Zambian government has granted Mumba Yachi, his legal status. Last year the Zambia Emigration Department had deported Yachi a Folk musician into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As he was illegally staying in Zambia with fabricated birth documents. And falsely obtaining a National Registration Card (NRC).

Mumba Yachi, made his return home from DRC after being away for almost a year now. Mwila Mutale, a Mumba Yachi’s manager, received him earlier this morning at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) upon arrival in Lusaka.

With all these happenings. Mumba Yachi, maintains his ancestral decent to a Lenshina grouping massacred in 1963. Led by prophetess Alice Mulenga Lenshina. He says his parents were among the thousands from Northern Province that fled Zambia into the now DR Congo amid the Lumpa Uprising.

Alice Mulenga Lenshina, was a Zambian Prophetess who founded the Lumpa Church based in Chinsali. Prior to Zambia’s Independence, the Lumpa Church had the largest following . Compared to that of the Catholic church and United free Church of Scotland. The then Kenneth Kaunda led government  banned the church. This was due to her teachings which rejected Earthly Governments, members appearing before courts, and paying taxes. They also accused Lenshina of practicing pagan rituals.

This then led to a violent ambush of the lumpa Church at Paishuko settlement by the UNIP Militia and Northern Rhodesia Security Forces led by Kenneth Kaunda. In an of  attempt trying to suppress Lenshina’s church.  A fracas that led to the death of  about 2000 and more Lenshina followers. They arrested Alice Lenshina. She later died on 7th December, 1978 in Lusaka. All these events have been kept from public domain.