Alpha Romeo ft Elisha Long – Nichitila Iwe

- Nichitila Iwe
Nichitila Iwe

In a rare move, rapper Alpha Romeo drops his first 2021 single under XYZ Entertainments. And a lot of his fans got surprised to seeing his new single coming off the XYZ Entertainments label.

This is because, Alpha Romeo has long been known to be associated with K-Amy records for most of his songs.

This could likely be a switch to XYZ for Alpha, although there hasn’t been any official statement from both him and the XYZ team.

The Miles Came Along produced single features the singer Elisha Long. Nichitila Iwe, dropped with the official music video which you can watch below.

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  • Title

    Nichitila Iwe

  • Artist

    Alpha Romeo

  • Released

    January 22nd, 2021

  • Genre


  • Size


  • Album

    Nichitila Iwe

  • Producer

    Miles Came Along

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