Let Me Go by NF from The Search Album

  • NF
  • - Let Me Go
    Let Me Go
  • NF
  • “Let Me Go” is the 10th track of NF’s 2019 album, “The Search”. The strings and piano in “Let Me Go” leads well into “-Interlude-“. On “Let Me Go”, NF raps about his “dark side” and expresses his feelings towards freedom.

    While he doesn’t identify who he is communicating with throughout the song, the anonymous figure is most likely fear, who he has personified on multiple occasions over the past.

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    • Title

      Let Me Go

    • Artist


    • Released

      July 26, 2019

    • Genre

      Rap, Hip-Hop

    • Size


    • Album

      The Search

    • Producer

      Tommee Profitt, Saint X & NF

    • Songwriter

      NF, Tommee Profitt & Saint X