Slapdee is on Savage Vibes in ‘Savuka’ Featuring Busiswa

- Savuka
  • Busiswa
  • Savuka

    Slapdee is apparently impervious to criticism. Over the years he has continued growing his music business including that of those around him. But some argue that he isn’t an easy person to vibe with compared to Macky 2.

    The recent backlash came about, following an opinion write up by the infamous Photographer Chellah Tukuta. XYZ C.E.O Bobby East including other XYZ artists, came out to issue their own view of the Rapper Slapdee.

    During the Coke Studio appearance in 2017. Slapdee and Busiswa thought of doing a collaboration. And Savuka, is one such project.

    The Slapdee and Busisiwa duo, had always wanted to do a project. But, thought of making it somewhat different from anything they had both done previously. Different in the sense of style and concept.

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      July 29, 2020

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