Mubelele by Yo Maps featuring Macky 2 & Afunika

- Mubelele

Mubelele is a latest single by Zambia’s renowned singer Yo Maps. On the song Maps features Afunika and the rapper Macky 2.

Afunika has not been active since late 2019 and this would be his major appearance for the year. But for Macky 2 and Yo Maps, they began the year on a high note following their recent successful collaboration on Banono and Macky 2’s I Declare Featuring Bobby East single which was released last week.

This Macknight Beats and Yo Maps co-produced track, is expected to Gunner a massive commercially mass apeal just like his previous songs.

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  • Title


  • Artist

    Yo Maps

  • Released

    February 7th, 2020

  • Genre


  • Size

    5 MB

  • Producer

    Macknight Beats and Yo Maps

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