Chimuka Mbozi, a Man of Impetuous Passion, Desire & Sheer Determination

Chimuka Mbozi, was born and grew up in Lusaka province, in a happy and humble home. He is the last born in the family. When his parents divorced in 2007, he moved in with his mother. And attended secondary school at Luanshya Boys. Today Chimuka, has a perception and perceptive look on life. Because of the teachings his mother instilled in him.

Chimuka’s musical interest started way back when he was just a member of a modest church. Where they used to meet in a classroom, by that time, the praise team used to do rehearsals at his place. He used to watch and observe how the rehearsals. Not until he started developing interest in music.

After rehearsals and church services, he would start hitting the keys on the keyboard anyhow. His interest did not go unnoticed, one day the church keyboardist decided to teach him some cords. Although he was a slow learner, he still believed in himself. Because he knew that he can do it.

The observation he made during the rehearsals triggered the move into music. Today he doesn’t struggle much when it comes to learning new things about music. In the beginning it started small because he never knew much about music so he kept seeking guidance. Back then there wasn’t much struggle with practicing, because he was so enthusiastic. But now that he is grown in the art, he is somewhat facing a lot of challenges like practice time, etc.

Chimuka Mbozi during a church service.

When asked who inspired him as well as helped him establish himself?
He responded;
“well I’ve had many people come in and out of my life. Some had left an impact in my life like one of my teachers, Timothy Munthali, who is in South Africa. Grace Munthali, she helped me a lot through spiritual and physical guidance, the list is endless”

One of Chimuka’s biggest achievement was merely a pleasant month ago. When he was told to artfully arrange an instrumental song at a local studio he is currently working. After arranging and typically playing it. A Zambian Gospel singer, Ephraim, was featured on it. The song was a sure hit to a point where Chimuka got so happy and proud of himself because Ephraim liked the song.

One of his favourite moments was precisely the 2017-2018 cross overnight. The auditorium was severely Full and constantly remembers it like it happened yesterday. The house was saturated with visible presence of God… Willing people with the earnest desire to naturally draw closer and closer to God. The active congregation’s emotional response to praise and worship was phenomenal, with more than 800 people.

Apart from music Chimuka is studying Automotive Engineering. His vision and goal are to build his Empire studio ‘SweetStudioZ’. Not just any studio, but one that will have more than five (5) recording studios in it. A studio that will host weekly gospel shows, a studio that will have so much equipment to hire out to big events. And one that will boast of having numerous producers, and sound engineers, etc.

Music has always been seen as something people do when life gets hard. Chimuka, wants to see music in this country become a Full-time Job. Something that a father will proudly say to his children “I’m off to work. He also hopes to see unity among musicians in Zambia.

When asked what advice can you give to youths out there?
He Responded;
“ Expect all sorts of hurtful things from even your own family as it is not an easy thing to do. But it’s all about keeping your eye on the ball while looking at what’s around you. At times it is going to be looking like there is no hope. Solely look at Jesus when he was to be crucified, mocked, they spat on him. He cried out to God Father, Father! Why have you forsaken me? He thought God had forgotten about him, but when Jesus died the earth was so quiet”.

“When they killed him it became pitch-black. The veil got torn apart. The earth shaken. Not knowing what was happening on that day, people ran, and only then did they realize they had killed the son of a King. That shows me God has a plan for each one of us, even though we might be faced with death. We will not die before we complete our Mission. Therefore pray, read the word, forsake it all in God’s hands, you aren’t an ordinary people. Do your part and Let God Lead.”


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