PayPal Exchange to Zambian Bank

Here is an easy to use: Withdraw money from PayPal in Zambia. Exchange your PayPal money to your Zambian bank using Napeza.

As you are aware PayPal currently has no provision that allows direct money withdraws from a PayPal account to a Zambian bank.

Note: Your receiving, PayPal or our fees are:

  • Our Service fee: $15 or equivalent. Any amount lower will be refunded
  • Bank Transfer: Free
  • Mobile Money: Refer to your provider charges
  • PayPal fee: 3.40% + fixed fee
  • Also take note, Mobile Money may have a receiving limit of about K10,000 according to your provider.

Processing time is between Monday and Friday at 12-15hrs. For example funds sent on a Monday are sent out to your Bank or Mobile account starting around 12-15hrs afternoon the following day. Funds sent on Friday are processed on the next Monday. So please, allow 2 to 3 days to receive your funds.

Fill out the form below for an exchange.

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    After submitting you will be redirected to PayPal to finish sending.