Slapdee Refuses To Apologise After Facing AFRIMMA Fan Backlash

For the third time now. Rapper Slapdee, gets nominated for the 8th edition of the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA). Which is set to air on 14th November, 2021.

However, even with this international recognition. Some Zambians have resolved not to vote for him in favor of other foreign nominees.

Apparently, to show him their displeasure on his involvement in politics of the recent 2021 general elections.

Which attracted a similar negative reaction; when Slapdee and other top artists like Macky 2, Yo Maps, Mampi and Bobby East. Released songs for the then Zambia’s rulling party, The Patriotic Front. A political party despised by many Zambians for neglecting it’s people.

Slapdee’s nomination for Best Male Southern Africa. Sees him completing with South African rapper Cassper Nyovest, who is currently receiving most votes from those against Slapdee.

In an interview with Radio Phoenix. Slapdee, acknowledged that he made a mistake, but fell short of an apology to his fans. Who feel its pay back time for the rapper who decided to side with the oppressor for money.

Slapdee, further revealed that be did not have a choice because of contractual obligations and what he did was ‘necessary’.

The rapper however, says he has learnt that politics and the music ‘business’ do not mix.

But to the contrary, in a separate interview with Hot FM. Slapdee said he would sing again for any political party. If they came for his services in the next 2026 general elections.

Other Zambian artists nominated are Bombshell Grenade and Sampa The Great for Best Female Rapper Southern Africa category.


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