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Chilz Jermaine Drops ‘In Loving Memory Of Depression’ Mixtape

Chilz Jermaine, has released a new mixtape titled In Loving Memory Of Depression. The tape is…

Truth Never Told

Crying For Help


228 Exclusive End of Year Cypher (Feat. Various Artists)

Chilz Jr – Hold Me Down (Vespers Tribute)

Chilz Jr – Feeling Like Trump

Chilz Jr – Feeling like Trump (Video) is a song off Chilz Jr’s mixtape “Young King…

Matero Anthem

Chilz Jr – Young King 2

In late December 2017, Chilz released “Young King Ep” which had great songs on its back.…

Chilz Jr – Underrated 2

Chilz Jr – Feeling Like Trump

Chilz Jr

Chileshe Mukupa (born September 6, 1996), popularly known as Chilz Jr, is a Zambian Rapper, Singer…

Anger vs Patience

Chilz Jr – LTMI (Chef 187)

Chilz Jr – Grinding

Chilz Jr – Ain’t The Same

Lost Generation