Top 6 Business Resolutions for the New Year

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I am sure you would as well be in agreement with me when I say that:

2020 was seriously a tough year for everyone. All due to the genesis of the Covid-19 pandemic. Coupled with economic uncertainties that are still very active among large and small business owners.

But, in as much as it has been a tough one. The end of year is always the best period to look over on your business’ achievements in that year including your future plans. The future plans, are basically your business resolutions for the new year.

As quarantines and social distancing regulations have enterely pushed the business world online. Setting up and following a properly laid out set of new year business resolutions. Will help you to stay focused about your goals for the business’ growth online. But what type of resolutions can you set to begin with?

In this article, I’ll show you some of the top 6 important new year’s resolutions for small businesses or website in 2021 and onwards. Plus a tool for tracking your progress.

6 Actionable Business Resolutions

Preparing yourself adequately with these top 6 New Year’s resolutions. Is an undertaking you would not regret. They are not only easy to implement. But also designed to prepare your business for success and growth in the new year.

If you didn’t create new year resolutions for your website or business. Here are 6 ways you can resolve to for a successful business in 2021. Ready?

1. Grow social media following

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter are a good starting point for growing a following. They have made it easier for large and small businesses to market themselves to potential customers.

And at a time like this one, social media for business isn’t optional. So, if you’re not utilizing social media for building a following around your business, then you’re missing out big.

This is because, apart from email list building. These are platforms on which you can generate leads, brand awareness and offer customer support in real-time. You can as well market your content through ads and sell products right on these platforms such as Facebook shops.

2. Build a Business Website

Building a website for your business should be your number one priority. This enables you to have an online presence to easily showcase your business and services.

And building one, is not a complicated or an expert-developer demanding undertaking. Once your website is up and running, users will be able to discover and connect with you virtually while you sleep. Ain’t that awesome?

Depending on your plan, desired goals and based on your needs. You can start digging into the necessary technical requirements with:

  1. Registering a domain name
  2. Affordable shared web hosting

The best and most recommended content management system is WordPress. This is because, you can quickly build your website using available free and premium business themes from it’s repository.

3. Optimize the Website for Search Engine

Search engine optimization, is a key strategy that you can use to improve your search visibility. Because, ranking higher is directly proportional to how much organic clicks you get.

So, this can not be over emphasized enough, focus on your SEO goals. And familiarize yourself with Google ranking factors or web core vitals.

SEO ranking factors:

  • Keywords.
  • Page Speed.
  • A Secure Website.
  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • Optimized Content.
  • User Experience.
  • Domain age, URL, and site authority.
  • Technical SEO.

Keywords: the first thing to do is to find out search terms already working for you. These are terms you can further use to optimize your content.

For WordPress users, this can be done using MonsterInsights. Which allows you to view your top 50 Google search terms along with click-through rate (CTR) and average position for each term.

MonsterInsights, is a powerful Google Analytics plugin for WordPress sites. It integrates your site with Google Analytics without touching code. Get MonsterInsights for free.

Site Speed: optimizing your website for speed reduces bounce rate and increases user engagement. This can be achieved with a fast web host and caching plugins, in the case of WordPress.

But of course, you totally need to know what to optimize and where to start from. Which is where MonsterInsights’ Speed Reports come in.

MonsterInsights site speed report

Lean more about site Speed Report by MonsterInsights.

4. Start blogging

Happy with your website traffic so far? If not, apart from SEO or Link Building the other tool you can use to drive more traffic is blogging.

If you haven’t already added a blog section on your website. Now is the time to start planning your content.

Blogging will increase both your search engine ranking and site traffic. You can get more visitors or potential customers, by building your authority through valuable articles via search engines like Google, Yandex or Bing.

And if you want a quick way to start content creation. Semrush, has the best Content Marketing Tools. Which gives you lots of content ideas, headlines and topics. The tools will enable you to create engaging content that your audience will love. Try Semrush for free.

5. Grow your Business Email List

Email marketing is regarded as a single-most-effective strategy for awareness, conversion and customer retention. Therefore, building an email list should be among your top resolutions.

Because of its high ROI. Email marketing is perfect for sending promotional offers, newsletters and targeted messages.

Building your email list shouldn’t be complicated, there are many ways you can get email subscribers. You can start with a sign-up form on your website or landing page. It could be a pop-up or static one that can be placed in the site sidebar or footer. Or other strategies like encouraging users to subscribe in exchange for example, an eBook, gated content etc.

And there is one tool on the market with all these features for building your email list. OptinMonster, ranks as one of the best lead generation and conversion tools.

OptinMonster offers gated content, exit-intent technology and other powerful features. These are important features that give you an urge over abandoning visitors. For example, by simply using exit-inent, you can show a pop-up offer or form to convert them into leads at exit-point. Get OptinMonster.

Check out how to create killer exit-intent popups and other effective ways to grow your email list.

But, keep your emails simple, not spammy. So educate yourself on ways to avoid the spam folder and provide valuable content.

6. Data-Driven Business Decisions

As you work through your resolutions, one question to ask yourself is “who are your target audiences?” Determining who your target audience is and their sources, gives your business the benefit it deserves.

So, setting up Google Analytics on your website will help you in understanding your users. Because Google Analytics helps you see valuable data on how people interact with your website. Which enables you to make informed data-driven decisions. But how can you view this data the easy way?

Well, do you still remember MonsterInsights mentioned earlier? MonsterInsights is not only the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress integration, but also lets you view reports inside your site admin dashboard plus other features like:

File download tracking, custom dimensions, affiliate link clicks, form tracking, outbound link tracking, eCommerce tracking all done via addons.

Other than that, with MonsterInsights, you can track a variety of factors to help you make these important decisions about your business.

Plus, when you get MonsterInsights now, you receive an awesome Year in Review feature that helps in measure your year-long successes every January.


It’s a new normal and these resolutions would be a great addition to your existing business survival skills. And I hope you enjoyed this article. So, which resolution would you start with for the new year together with MonsterInsights?


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