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Kay Figo – Taken

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Kay Figo, a Zambian singer based in Lusaka, drops the official music video for her latest single “TAKEN”. This comes after seemingly being off the music scene for quite some time. She brings up the usual sexual appeal thing that you would expect from her. The track opens up with kay’s sketchy, automated vocal over the flatly laid Zed-beat type of Instrumental with an unchanging soft, dance kick pattern. Her richly sounding voice and meaningful lyrics bring something a bit much unique as the track sounds playful but at the same time hitting up and pivoting on a much broader social status quo topic. 

A take at the visuals. The video is kind of a let down, much uninteresting  and devoid of a story behind it. Body-wise Kay, is certainly visually appealing on the screen, but the visuals are just a repeat of the same old Zambian type of Music video. The act seemed unsure of what she was doing, just there pointing fingers at us, much less coupled with uncoordinated camera movements, framing, wrong lens sizes and ugly looking backgrounds. We are kept evolving around the guy’s car for some reasons unknown.

The song talks of something else clearly and in the video. We see Kay, being brought in and offered a glass of wine by the same guy she is refusing in the song. From that we see her dancing in front of the guy’s car with doors open. How is that possible?

Then it gets even worse towards the end when we are taken to the roof top, an extra is thrown in, in what seems to be kay’s friend, she is just there touching herself and in other shots on the phone, wait for it “She is looking into the camera’s eye” as if that ain’t enough Kay, is busy dancing to us, I mean what the Hell! is anyone interested on watching that lifeless dance from her. Flashy and stuff but, something¬† better would have been done at the same time we can’t over look the effort put in it Stream, Download and Share.

You can also download the Audio sound track here