About Us


We are Napeza a music streaming and fashion website, with love for musical creativity and fashion intrigued minds.

At Napeza, we work and believe that there is a better way to market and build artists. A strategy where fans are honestly earned with captivating creativity. Since inception, it has been our main goal. A goal that we are passionate about, because our mission is to see upcoming artists achieving their full potential when it comes to music and art. Artist image-building is the least understood aspect of career sustainability: hence we are very excited to provide an amazing platform like this one.

Our Founding

Napeza was founded by Allan Hangoma and Obed Mapulanga in early 2018. It started as a solely music blog where upcoming artists shared their music. And by the end of 2018 we launched the Napeza Online Store for fashion along the same platform. The store includes men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, with worldwide shipping.

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